Pottery Classes

I began teaching pottery at McLennan Community College Continuing Education program over 20 years ago, and have since taught at the Waco Art Center, Baylor University for Young People, Mo Ranch, and currently at my home studio. My teaching philosophy is to give students basic building techniques on the wheel and by hand, and then to encourage students to be self-directed.

In my studio I strive to make it a place of mutual respect and encouragement. At times I feel it is a “holy” place. I am so grateful for the students I have to work with.

Wheel Throwing

Using a pottery wheel, a ball of clay is throw and formed as the wheel spins. With wet hands, the clay is molded and transformed.

Hand Building

A pottery technique that uses your hands and pottery tools to form the clay.

Class Format

My classes are very casual and a place to explore your own personal creativity. My studio has 4 wheels, a slab roller, and an extruder, as well as many tools and textures to explore. All classes are for throwers as well as hand builders. Class projects will be presented, but more experienced students have the freedom to go in their own direction. Beginners will start with basic methods of construction so they will have a foundation to grow from.

Classes are 6 weeks long and for people of all skill levels.

The price for the classes are $175, plus $25 for 25 pounds of clay. Please email Barb Francis for more information at barbspots@yahoo.com